Holiday shopping deals abound in Thursday’s Sun-Gazette

Just as turkeys will be on Thanksgiving, Thursday’s Williamsport Sun-Gazette will be stuffed with local deals and sale fliers for holiday shopping.

“The Thanksgiving edition of the Sun-Gazette is a tradition in most local households,” said Publisher Bernard A. Oravec. “People enjoy seeing all of the advertisements, sales fliers and special deals as they prepare to do their holiday shopping.”

With so many deals to be found, Oravec suggests getting a copy of Thursday’s newspaper early as the edition tends to sell out quickly, even though Sun-Gazette staff actively will be restocking retail locations throughout the morning.

“Traditionally, the Thanksgiving edition is our largest edition of the year,” he said. “Because of the size of the paper, we don’t put many in the traditional newspaper racks. It’s advised to subscribe for home delivery or go to your favorite local retail location.

“Even though the Thanksgiving edition is our largest paper of the year, it is priced at only $1.75, the same price as our typical Sunday ed-

ition,” Oravec noted. “Hundreds to even thousands of dollars in savings, all for about the price of a convenience store bottle of water. Just think about that for a minute.

“The Thanksgiving edition of the Sun-Gazette is your best value of the year,” according to Oravec.

Oravec added that the Thanksgiving Sun-Gazette is a tool for many area readers while they plan their holiday shopping excursion, beginning on Black Friday and going into December.

“Many Sun-Gazette readers find it beneficial to plan their shopping adventure with friends and family by browsing the Thanksgiving edition,” Oravec said.

But the deals only can be found in the print edition of the newspaper.

“The Williamsport Sun-Gazette does not place these deals online. They are only available in our print edition,” Oravec said.

For some, looking at the deals in the Sun-Gazette is just as big a part of the holiday as the turkey. And Oravec said this is a point of pride for the community newspaper.

“The Thanksgiving Day Sun-Gazette is a holiday tradition like family, food and football,” he said.