Hughesville adopts no-tax-hike plan

HUGHESVILLE – Hughesville Borough Council recently adopted a 2014 budget that holds the line on taxes in 2014. The vote was unanimous with Curtis Michael, James Savage, Andrew Mook, Richard Smith, Mary Burns and Jeff Berger all voting “yes.”

“The budget ($833,205) will increase about $28,000,” according to Mayor Walter Reed. “Income and expenses went up about 3.5 percent.”

The $28,000 increase will be spread out over many areas to include higher medical insurance rates, pensions, and police budget.

“The increase of $5,000 in real estate tax shown will not increase taxes,” according to Reed. “We underestimated what we would collect last year and we adjusted the figures accordingly.”

He went on to say that property values also have increased this year.

In other matters, Gail Guisewhite, of Hughesville, will replace Michael on council in January.

Guisewhite has lived in Hughesville for the majority of her life.

“I think everyone has the responsibility to volunteer,” she explained. “I also want to help out my community.”

She will serve on council for the next four years.

The council appointed Sherry Youngman as full-time borough secretary effective immediately.

Policeman in charge, Rod Smith, reported 82 incidents for the month of October.

Borough accepted the resignation of Anthony Oeler as a patrolman. The borough council and Smith agreed that Oeler will be missed and is welcome to come back at anytime to further serve the community.

“A bear has been seen by several residents in the last few weeks eating out of bird feeders and getting into trash,” according to Councilman Richard Smith. “He’s about 5 feet tall standing on his hind legs.”

He went on to say, “I called the (state) Game Commission and they said there isn’t much we can do but get rid of the food sources and he will eventually go away.”

Borough council is hoping to have the maintenance truck back and in operation this week. Residents should have their leaves ready for pickup soon.