Incumbents on top

It was a night for incumbents in the general election Tuesday for Williamsport City Council.

Republican Councilman Randall J. Allison, of 1308 Elmira St.; Democrat Councilwoman Liz Miele, of 525 W. Fourth St.; and Republican Councilman N. Clifford “Skip” Smith, of 835 First Ave., garnered the most votes for the three open seats, according to unofficial results from the Lycoming County Voter Services.

Allison garnered the most votes with 1,661; followed by Miele, with 1,454; and Smith, with 1,452.

They bested challengers Republican Scott Miller,

of 822 Tucker St., who received 1,320 votes; and Democrats Alison D. Hirsch, of 423 Rural Ave., 1,137 votes and Kelly Anderson, of 533 Seventh Ave., with 1,047 votes.

Of the 17 precincts there were 11 write-in votes and 8,280 votes.

“It was a vigorous campaign,” Allison said. “We had a lot of issues addressed by the six candidates. I think it was helpful to have that as a good healthy part of the democratic process. I am grateful for one of those who made it through I am thankful for everyone who supported me.

“I am hopeful the council will continue to work together, as it has in the past, to make some really great things happen in the city.

“I think it reflects on the progress that has been made in the city and expectation of even better things to come and we’re addressing the problems we do have,” Allison said. “We’ve talked about some issues going forward, such as development and things within the city itself.

“I’m very excited to embark on the next four years,” Miele said. “I hope together we can accomplish remarkable things for the city.”

“I think the residents voted that we’re doing a good job and decided to put us back in,” Smith said. “We’ve worked hard over the last four years and look forward to the next four years in working just as hard.

“I want to thank all the voters who put their faith in me and felt I did a good job the last four years and think I can do a good job the next four years.”

“Now, I can be the outside person commenting on what’s going on,” Hirsch said. “I’ll go back to the radio.

“People in the city complain and complain about the way things are going and vote the incumbents back in or they don’t vote,” Hirsch said. “There were people who told me they would vote for me but were passing out literature for the Republican Party,” she said. “As long as they keep that mentality nothing will change.”

“I know I made an impact,” Anderson said. “I just want to thank everybody who came out to support me. This was not a losing effort when I got this many people to come out for me. There will be a next time.”

Attempts to reach Miller were not successful.