Male inmate numbers going down, female numbers high

October brought a mix of numbers for the Lycoming County Prison, as male inmate numbers went down, while the female inmate population rose, Warden Kevin DeParlos said at Friday’s prison board meeting.

October was the lowest pre-release population for males since June 2012, as the inmate numbers went from hovering around 105 each month to almost 101 in October.

However, the October average female inmate daily population for both the prison and pre-release center at 62 is the highest daily population for females since November 2012. There were eight days in October when females were transferred to the Clinton County Correctional Facility due to overcrowding, DeParlos said.

The board unanimously approved the following prison expenditures for October: $24,469 for health services and medical supplies; $22,347 for kitchen supplies and food; $69,204 for general services, supplies and maintenance.