Muncy Township holds line on taxes

PENNSDALE – Muncy Township residents will see no increase in taxes next year under a proposed budget. Supervisors recently approved the preliminary budget and adopted the tax rate for 2014 that shows a budget of $676,872 and expenses of $675,651, with an excess of $1,221.

“The excess money will cover the slight increase in expenses due to labor costs, health insurance and the overall cost of living,” explained Supervisor Paul Wentzler. “There’s nothing in particular that has shown a big increase, just little things across the board.”

Wentzler went on to say, “We don’t have any large capital projects planned for 2014 . We will just be keeping up with the general maintenance for the township.”

Voting “yes” were Wentzler, Greg Gilbert and Tom Schaech. Final approval should come Dec. 18 at their next meeting. The proposed budget is on display at the township office or fire hall at 261 Village Road.

In other business, the planning commission met with representatives from Ashler Manor to further discuss the issues surrounding the change in current zoning.

Ashler Manor wants final approval and a letter of recommendation from the township to give to the county for the building project on John Brady Drive. The office building will be about 12,000 square feet. The project requires the current zoning to changed from suburban estate to suburban mix to fit the necessary guidelines.

Supervisors agreed that they didn’t feel comfortable sending a letter of recommendation before they had feedback from all of the residents in the area. Three residents have not yet responded to the proposed project.

The township signed the audit agreement with Richard Lowe at a cost of $2,750. Last year’s audit cost $2,500.

A code inspections rate increase of 10 percent also was approved.

“The new security system is about 40 percent complete and should be totally installed by the end of the week,” according to Supervisor Tom Schaech.

Township employees are busy cleaning out the leaves from the gutters and getting ready for winter.