Municipal election turnout ‘typical’ in Lycoming County

On a considerably balmy November evening, voter turnout at 25 percent for Tuesday’s Lycoming County municipal election was “pretty typical for this off-year municipal election,” said Sandra Adams, county director of Elections and Voter Registration.

There are 65,596 voters in the county, and 16,606 cast votes, unofficially.

The first votes came in about 8:30 p.m., and the unofficial count was wrapped up at about 10:30 p.m., she said. The official result count will begin at 9 a.m. Friday, and will be ready by next Wednesday.

All went smoothly with only “minor issues” such as some voting machine issues, but “all machines were up and running by the end of the evening,” Adams said.

Those voting at Annunciation Parish Hall, 720 W. Fourth St., who The Sun-Gazette surveyed for an hour, overall said they support a more stringent voter ID law, requiring everyone to show identification at elections.

“If some aren’t legally allowed to vote (and they do vote), it negates someone else’s legal vote,” said James Gilbert, 44, a 22-year Williamsport resident. “You should be able to prove you’re a citizen.”

At this election, only first-time voters or first-time voters in their precinct had to show identification.

Following is a list of contested race unofficial results:


Hughesville, 1st Ward, two four-year council seats: Andrew Mook (R) won with 75 votes; Jeffrey W. Berger (D) took the second seat with 91 votes. Gerald W. Kilgus (D) lost with 62 votes.

Montgomery mayor: Andrew Onufrak II (R) won with 110 votes; Perry Shoemaker (D) lost with 31 votes.

Montgomery council, four seats: Fae Herb with 148 votes; Donald Feaster (R) with 125 votes; James N. McCarty (R) with 120 votes; Richard Williams (D) with 88 votes. Tina M. Turner (R) lost with 78 votes.

Montoursville mayor: John Dorin (D) won with 662 votes; Kimberly A. DiRocco (R) lost with 611 votes.

Muncy mayor: Jonathan Ort (R) won with 282 votes; Elizabeth Preston (D) lost with 99 votes.

South Williamsport council, 2nd Ward, one seat: Jeffrey C. Tompkins (R) won with 144 votes; Larry Baker (D) lost with 117 votes.


Eldred, one supervisor seat: Mark Ranck (R) won with 219 votes; Larry Pittenger (D) lost with 122 votes.

Jackson, one supervisor seat: David L. Zeafla (D) won with 72 votes; Arthur Plaxton (R) lost with 68 votes.

Jordan, one supervisor seat: Melvin Swisher Jr. (R) won with 78 votes; Duane W. Stackhouse (D) lost with 51 votes.

Loyalsock, two supervisor seats: Paul Nyman (R) won a seat with 1,093 votes; John Bower Jr. (R) won a seat with 966 votes; Richard Caschera Jr. (D) lost with 517 votes; Jennifer Black (D) lost with 444 votes.

Moreland, one supervisor seat: Darrin Scott Wertz (R) won with 119 votes; Jay Snyder (D) lost with 105 votes.

Old Lycoming, one supervisor seat: John Eck (D) won with 555 votes; David Shirn (R) lost with 549 votes.