New board members take seats in Southern Tioga

WELLSBORO – All three challengers for Southern Tioga School District board of directors seats won in Tuesday’s general election.

Information in Tuesday’s edition called the race for write-in candidate Stephen Hall, but actually Steve Guilliaume won with more than 600 votes cast from Liberty Township and Cogan House Township, which inadvertently were left out in the newspaper’s calculations.

The votes were split along regional lines, with Hall doing well in communities closer to Blossburg and Guilliaume taking Liberty area communities in the hotly contested race over a controversial school consolidation issue.

According to unofficial election results, in Region 1, Stephen J. Guillaume, who won a ballot spot in May, defeated Hall by a landslide with 809 votes. Hall received 369 votes.

In Region 2, two candidates won the seats left vacant by Barb Shull and Sue Jaquish.

John Ritter, of Mansfield, who won the ballot spot in May, received 588 votes, James D. Kreger, of Morris Township, received 556 votes.

Three hundred eight write-in votes were cast, many for Todd Berguson and Kim Sexauer.

In Region 3, Sean Bartlett, a challenger, won the four-year seat with 450 votes over incumbent Frank Kollar, who received 126 write-in votes.

Incumbent John Martin ran unopposed for a two-year seat, garnering 478 votes.

Write-in votes will be counted Friday when the election board meets.

In other school board races, there will be three new directors on Wellsboro Area School District school board.

Incumbent Matthew Feil retained his seat with 1,711 votes.

New director Susan Usavage-Rudy garnered 1,548 votes, replacing long time board member Glenn Poirier, who did not run.

Wayne Hackett received 1,418 votes, replacing Craig West who did not run.

Stewart Burrous garnered 1,356 votes, replacing Chris Neal, who did not run.

Incumbent John Peropat ran unopposed for his two-year seat, garnering 1,223 votes.

There were 132 write-in votes.

In the Northern Tioga School District, Gregory M. Cummings received 587 votes, Julie H. Preston garnered 554, Ian McGlaughlin received 418 votes, Kimberly Stausser 391.

There were 21 write-in votes districtwide.

There was a tie in Lawrenceville Borough Council with both Marian E. Russell, a Republican, and Maxine G. Smith, a Democrat, receiving 4 votes. Ron Gontarz, a Republican, received 26 votes.

Wellsboro and Westfield have new mayors with John E. Wheeler, who ran unopposed to replace Jim Daugherty, who did not run, receiving 671.

In Westfield, Dick Vargeson defeated Dale J. Weidman for the mayor’s seat with 91-57, and 1 write-in.

In other municipal races:

Covington Township supervisor: Stuart R. Lisowski – 213, Rodney L. Heindl – 35, write-ins: 2.

Delmar Township supervisor: David Cleveland -272, Dean Andrews -223.

Elkland Borough council: Peter G. VanGorden Jr. – 221, Jack Tallarida – 213, Francis M. Kohut – 206, June E. Ramsey – 145, write-ins: 22.

Elkland Mayor: Scott Tanner – 143, Daniel Loucks – 124.

Knoxville Borough council: Malcolm E. Wheeler – 71, Ricky Bloom – 62, Carl E. Cox – 56, write-ins- 11.

Liberty Borough council: Frances C. Coppadge – 52, Tracy L. Gregory – 39, write-ins – 15.

Mansfield Borough council: Heather Morgan – 266, David E. Cummings – 210, Evan R. Perry – 180.

Roseville Borough council: Dale McKay Jr.-40, George Bud Baker-39, Ivan Mathewson-38, and Phyllis Hawthorne-36.

Sullivan Township supervisor: Thomas R. Robbins, 142, Darren L. Bradford-133.

Tioga Borough council: Doreen Burnside-55, Sharon Grosjean-51,William Preston-50.

Westfield Borough council: Gail E. Bollinger-99, Roger D. McCullen-94, Shaunta Vahey-87, and Dale J. Weidman-80, 12 write-ins.

County wide races included a new prothonotary/clerk of courts with Marie Y. Seymour besting long-time office holder Mary Kay Clark, 6074 to 157 write-in votes.

Sheriff Tom Young retained his office with 5,924 votes. There were 114 write-ins.

Treasurer Kera L. Hackett replaces long time treasurer Frank Higgins, who retired, with 6,125 votes. There were 45 write-ins.

Magisterial District Judge James E. Carlson retained his office running unopposed with 2,076 votes. There were 10 write-ins.

Tioga County supported Republican candidate for Superior Court Judge with 6,124 votes, 4,454 of them Republican and 1,661 Democrat. There were 11 write-in votes.

The Board of Elections will officially validate the votes at the Tioga County Courthouse Friday morning.