Officer remains on the job, despite civil trial loss

A city police agent, who when captain in charge of the criminal investigative division, inappropriately seized Little League pins from a local couple, violating their Constitutional rights, remains actively investigating crimes, according to police Chief Gregory A. Foresman.

Agent Raymond O. Kontz III was found guilty of violating the Fourth Amendment rights of Randy and Janete Shrey when he confiscated their pin collection from their house in 2008.

Kontz also was disciplined by the city police department for not filing the proper documentation regarding the incident but no further action was taken by the department, according to Foresman. He remains on the department as an investigator with more than 17 years of experience, Foresman said.

Kontz, who faced no criminal charges, recently had his attorney request a retrial, vacated verdict and reduction of the damages a jury awarded the Shreys in May in U.S. Middle District Court, a request denied when U.S. Middle District Court Judge Matthew W. Brann affirmed the verdict Thursday.