Official tally of votes in elections for municipal positions underway

Starting at 9 a.m. Friday, Lycoming County Voter Services employees were busy tallying up votes in the official vote-counting process from Tuesday’s municipal election.

As of 4 p.m., no races had been decided yet, said Sandra Adams, county director of Elections and Voter Registration. Staff hand-counted 2 percent of votes (a sampling) cast in voting machines to ensure accuracy, and started reviewing write-in votes, totaling 3,404, Friday. She said the number of write-in votes is “typical” for a municipal election, but the number of races that will be determined by write-in votes are unusually high this year.

“There will definitely be races determined by write-in votes,” Adams said.

She expects the counting process to be completed by Tuesday afternoon, as the office is closed Monday for Veteran’s Day. After that, it will be signed by the board of elections, along with a five-day challenge period. If there are no challenges, the board will sign it again and the results will be official, Adams said.

The write-in winners will receive a letter from Voter Services asking if they want to accept the nomination. Some races may be ties, Adams said, and those candidates will be asked to come in to the office and draw lots for the position.

The official results may be announced by Nov. 18 or 19.