Official vote count tallied

Lycoming County Voter Services finished the Nov. 5 municipal election official vote count Wednesday, revealing three tied council and supervisor races and numerous write-in winners.

Candidates who tied for a position must report to Voter Services and draw lots to decide the winner.

Write-in winners will receive a letter from Voter Services alerting them of the results, and those winners must accept or decline the position, said Sandra Adams, county director of elections and voter registration.

Tied races

Salladasburg, council (two, four-year seats): Kevin Little, 1 write-in vote; Zane Cohick, 1 write-in vote; candidate Jon Flook (D) won a seat with 32 votes.

Salladasburg, council (two, two-year seats): Kevin Little, 1 write-in vote; Todd Whitehill, 1 write-in vote; candidate David S. Flook (D) won a seat with 29 votes.

Washington, supervisor (one, six-year seat): Gregory West, 3 write-in votes; Ray LaForme, 3 write-in votes; total other write-in votes, 26.

Write-in winners

Names preceded by “candidate” were not write-in votes. All other vote tallies refer to write-ins.

Cascade, supervisor (one, six-year seat): Alden Evans Jr., 37; total other votes, 22.

Cummings, supervisor (one, two-year seat): Richard Bierly, 19 votes; candidate Walter J. Braddock (R), 14.

McHenry, supervisor (one, six-year seat): Steven Dawson, 28 votes; candidate Palmina M. Mould (D), 22.

Mill Creek, supervisor (one, four-year seat): Roger Bower, 130 votes; candidate Janet Ingalls VanDine (R), 65.

Montoursville Area Region 2 school director (one, four-year seat): Jennifer Marriott, 153 votes; total other votes, 61.

Muncy Borough school director (two, four-year seats): Sarah Woodward, 143 votes; total other votes, 29.

Muncy Township school director (two, four-year seats): Rhondel Moyle, 12 votes; total other votes, 6.

Nippenose, supervisor (one, six-year seat): Philip Courtwright, 13 votes; total other votes, 14.

Picture Rocks, mayor (one, four-year seat): David Bender, 33 votes; total other votes, 3. Council (four, four-year seats): Todd Narber, 32; Eugene Otterbein, 27; Katherine Hess, 21; Susan Earl, 12; total other votes, 24.

Pine, supervisor (one, six-year seat): Paula Summers, 59 votes; candidate Albert J. Person (R), 27.

Salladasburg, mayor (one, four-year seat): Douglas Ellsworth, 10; total other votes, 4.

South Williamsport Area Region 2 school director (one, four-year seat): Gerald Broskey, 32 votes; total other votes, 19.

South Williamsport Area Region 3 school director (one, four-year seat): Robert Steppe, 2; total other votes, 12.

Watson, supervisor (one, six-year seat): James Seltzer, 95 votes; candidate Don Breon II (R), 56.

Close races

There also were some close races. For the first time since Adams has worked as the department director, a number of people have called in asking about recount options, she said. For a recount to happen, requesters must go through the prothonotary’s office and petition the court.

She could not specify who asked about recounts.

Following are the closest races:

Jackson, supervisor (one, two-year seat): David L. Zeafla (D), 72; Arthur Plaxton (R), 68.

Old Lycoming Township supervisor (one, six-year seat): John Eck (D), 555; David Shirn (R), 550.

Plunketts Creek, supervisor (one, six-year seat): John Blair, 54 write-in votes; candidate James W. Lewis (R), 52.

South Williamsport 2, council (one, two-year seat): Jeffrey C. Tompkins (R), 128; Larry Baker (D), 127.

Once the board of elections signs the official election results, a five-day challenge period will begin. If there are no challenges or recounts, the board will sign the results again and certify the votes are correct, Adams said.

The results also are available online at