Old Lycoming Township looks at new tax

As the leaves have dropped and the days grown shorter, Old Lycoming Township Supervisors tie up loose ends and prepare to begin the new year, filled with new challenges and a new budget to be approved in December.

A local services tax is anticipated to take effect next year, in accordance with proposal Ordinance 272, a tax affecting those who live and work in the township and earn more than $12,000 annually. The tax will offset emergency services. Related documentation will be available for public viewing at the Old Lycoming Office, 1951 Green Ave.

Citizens voiced concerns about the ongoing road work near Mill Lane. The end result of the Mill Lane improvements, including new overlays, according to township Secretary Robert Whitford is to get “all of Mill Lane tied to local services.” The road is being prepared for paving in 2014.

Supervisors John Eck, Linda Mazzullo and Janet Hall announced two alternate positions for the Old Lycoming Township Zoning Board. Zoning Board members and their alternates play crucial roles in local hearings. Those interested should contact the Old Lycoming Township office.