Rape trial underway

Imagine waking up in a strange room, in a strange bed, with a strange person you’d never met before. You have no idea how you got there and – perhaps most horrifying – you can’t find your pants.

That’s the scenario Assistant District Attorney Melissa Kalaus asked the jury to consider during opening statements for the trial of David A. Johnson, accused of raping an unconscious victim.

“This is not a rape where someone was held down at knife point or anything like that. At no time was the victim aware the rape was going on,” Kalaus told the jury.

The victim of the alleged rape woke up in Johnson’s attic after playing beer pong at a friend’s party, according to testimony. Johnson was not at that party, the victim testified.

“I woke up naked in some random place with someone I don’t know and have never seen or talked to in my whole life,” the victim testified.

She asked Johnson, “Did you (expletive deleted) me?” to which Johnson allegedly replied, “I tried to but you didn’t let me.”

Rape kit DNA test results confirmed the presence of the defendant’s semen inside the victim, according to Kalaus.

“The defendant took advantage of a young, helpless college girl and lied about it until the DNA results came back. Then his story changed,” Kalaus said.

The defendant maintains the contact was consensual.

“David Johnson is here today because he had sex with (the victim) and she really wishes she hadn’t done that,” Johnson’s attorney Jeana A. Longo said during opening statements.

Longo argued that Johnson was watching television when the victim knocked on his door.

“He opens the door and there’s an attractive woman standing on his porch. It’s freezing and she walks in,” Longo said.

The strangers clicked, one thing led to another and Johnson ejaculated while the victim allegedly was grinding him, Longo argued to the jury.

In addition to her pants, the victim’s purse, cellphone, keys and car also were missing when she awoke, according to testimony. She eventually found her clothes – folded neatly on a nearby heater, she testified.

“Do you usually fold your clothes when taking them off?” Kalaus asked the victim.

“No, I just leave them on the ground,” the victim testified.

The victim’s car keys and wallet never were found, according to testimony. Her cellphone was located in a car two houses down from Johnson’s, smashed to pieces on the passenger-side floor, according to testimony.

“I was really scared and confused,” the victim testified. “It was unreal.”

The trial for Johnson continues before President Judge Nancy L. Butts. The jury is expected to reach a decision today.