South Side house rehab program being updated

South Williamsport Borough Council voted unanimously to approve three updates to its owner-occupied housing rehabilitation program.

The program assists qualifying low- to moderate-income borough residents with home-related code compliance issues. Priority in this round will be given to 3rd Ward residents.

Council approved a subordination measure, which allows the borough to move its position back, so if needed, residents in the program can pay their mortgage company first and the borough second.

The second measure council approved is to allow residents to only apply once as there is a waiting list of residents for grant assistance.

Third, those qualified residents who have lead-based paint in their homes will receive $10,000 on top of the $25,000 they receive to mitigate the issue.

The borough is applying to the Department of Community and Economic Development for $350,000, and 65 percent will be allocated for housing rehabilitation in the borough. This is its seventh such application.

Qualifying residents on the low-income end must not exceed $31,000 for one person per household; the maximum income for eight people per household is $58,450. Residents also must not have received rehabilitation assistance from the borough after 1994.

On behalf of the borough, SEDA-Council of Governments verifies income from each source.