Sun-Gazette earns 2 state awards

The Sun-Gazette’s editorial department was honored Friday with two awards from the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association in its annual Newspaper of the Year competition.

The newspaper’s editorial staff received the first-place award for Diversity of its news coverage in its circulation division.

That award is based on an evaluation of news content as it pertains to age, ancestry, race, disabilities and handicaps, religious creed, sexual orientation and economic status.

Judges consider the demographics of the coverage region and evaluate whether there is ample coverage of all of those elements, whether there are enough photos and graphics complementing those elements, whether stories in all parts of the newspaper reflect a diverse community and whether the newspaper adequately informs the community about the impact of increasing diversity awareness in the community.

“We strive to be a newspaper that relates to all of the diverse elements of our community,” said Bernard A. Oravec, Sun-Gazette publisher. “We hope this award shows our readers that we are trying hard to produce news that includes everyone, regardless of age, race, religion or economic class.”

This isn’t the first year the Sun-Gazette has won the award for Diversity. The newspaper has been honored with an award in that category three other times in the past nine years that is has entered the Newspaper of the Year competition.

“We’re extremely proud of that designation and will strive to show we’re worthy of it with each edition of the Sun-Gazette,” Oravec said.

The publisher said the newspaper is just as proud of its honorable mention for Editorial/Opinion Page Excellence.

That award looks for a good mix of local, state and national issues and how well the newspaper serves as a conduit for an engaging community conversation.

“We don’t publish the news each day with awards in mind,” Oravec said. “But we hope the excellence attached to these awards leaves a message with our readers that we’re trying hard each day to give them a complete and balanced news product that gives them the entire picture of their community and the rest of the world and keeps them well-informed.”