Teenager on trial, accused of rape near soccer field

The trial began Thursday for Aaron J. Weaver, 16, who is being tried as an adult on charges of rape by forcible compulsion, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion and sexual assault.

Weaver allegedly raped the minor victim in the announcer’s tower of the Sheridan Elementary School soccer field on March 24. The victim and her female friend met Weaver and his male friend at the playground, according to the victim’s testimony. Although the victim and Weaver were friends on Facebook, the two did not know each other, the victim testified.

“A lot of people have good memories of playgrounds but that’s not the case with (the victim),” Assistant District Attorney Melissa Kalaus said during opening statements.

Weaver approached the victim while she and her friend were sitting on the swing set, according to testimony. Weaver invited them to follow him over to the announcer’s tower, according to testimony. The males then asked the females to join them upstairs, according to testimony. The victim agreed but her friend stayed downstairs, according to testimony.

“I knew something fishy was about it so I didn’t go up. They were acting all nice and I don’t trust people that are that nice,” the victim’s friend testified.

Weaver’s friend came back downstairs while Weaver and the victim remained on the upper level, according to testimony. Weaver’s friend began loudly playing music through the speakers of his iPhone, the victim’s friend testified. Worried about the victim’s well-being, she attempted to go upstairs to check on her, the victim’s friend testified.

“(The defendant’s friend) said, ‘Sit your happy ass down.’ I did,” she testified.

She couldn’t hear or see what happened to her friend next, the victim’s friend testified.

Weaver closed a trap door to the lower level of the announcer’s booth while her back was turned, the victim testified. He then tried to remove her pants but she resisted, according to the victim’s testimony.

“I was scared and helpless,” the victim testified.

Weaver then allegedly opened a condom, threw the wrapper on the ground and began sexually assaulting her.

“I told him to stop,” the victim testified.

The wrapper was recovered from the scene and Weaver’s latent prints were lifted from it, according to Corp. Jeff Paulhamus of the Williamsport Bureau of Police.

While the rape was taking place, the victim’s friend called her mother, who lived adjacent to the playground, according to testimony.

“I told my mom, ‘I’m worried about (the victim),'” she testified.

The victim friend’s mother came outside and began shouting the victim’s name, according to testimony.

“After (my friend’s) mom yelled for me…he stopped,” the victim testified.

The victim descended from the tower to join her friend across the field, according to testimony.

“She was crying hysterically,” the victim’s friend testified.

The victim notified her mother who called the police, according to testimony. The victim was able to visually identify Weaver as the perpetrator without hesitation later that evening, according to Paulhamus’ testimony. Weaver had changed out of the clothes he wore during the assault, according to testimony.

Handprints were recovered from the scene that corroborated the victim’s testimony of their respective positions during the assault.

“They weren’t enough quality to be identifiable,” Paulhamus testified of the handprints.

The defense alleges the intercourse was consensual.

“We all know children lie,” Public Defender Robert Cronin argued during opening statements. “The victim was fearful she’d get caught in this consensual sexual act.”

The trial before Judge Marc F. Lovecchio is expected to finish and the jury to return a verdict today.