8 county superintendents receive nearly $1 million to run districts

Responsible for everything from day-to-day operations such as staff and student issues to long-term planning such as building emergency plans, public school superintendents are much like CEOs of companies. And as heads of the county school districts, local superintendents take home six-figure salaries each year.

According to the superintendent contracts of the eight county school districts, they will be paid, on average, $124,229 to lead their districts this school year.

Superintendent contracts ranged from Dr. Portia Brandt’s salary of $110,145 as chief of Muncy School District to Dr. Don Adams’ $140,000 salary in his first year heading the Williamsport Area School District.

Adams, the newest county superintendent, was approved by the district’s school board in June and took over the top spot in the district on July 1, occupying the position left vacant by Dr. Kathleen Kelley’s retirement.

Per Adams’ contract, which was approved in August, his base salary will increase a minimum of $3,000 each year of his three-year contract. Adams, who worked for the district for 15 years and served as assistant superintendent prior to his appointment as superintendent, also will receive an additional $2,000 a year for his doctoral degree.

Dr. Mark Stamm, South Williamsport Area School District superintendent, is entering the final year of his three-year contract, his first post as a superintendent. Stamm is set to make $112,469 this school year, an increase of about 3.25 percent over the previous year’s salary of $108,929.

Stamm’s contract calls for an annual salary review, when his salary may be adjusted. Any salary adjustment cannot reduce it below Stamm’s first-year figure of $105,500.

Robert Grantier, who is serving his last school year as superintendent of Loyalsock Township School District after announcing his retirement in September, received about a 2.5-percent increase this school year for a 2013-14 base salary of $131,994.

Grantier has served as superintendent for the district since 2010, having served in the same capacity in two other school districts prior to coming to Loyalsock. Grantier’s contract calls for an annual increase of his base salary between 1 and 3.5 percent. Increases are based upon economic conditions along with performance and an annual evaluation.

In his second school year as superintendent of Montoursville Area School District, Dr. Timothy Bowers received a $5,000 increase – about 3.7 percent – in base salary. Bowers, who served in the same position at another school district prior to accepting the position in Montoursville in 2012, is set to make $135,000 this year.

According to his contract, which was obtained through a right-to-know request, Bowers’ base salary was increased by $3,500 this school year. He is set to see increases of $3,500 in the 2014-15 school year and $2,500 in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years. An additional $1,500 also is available annually for his performance evaluation and for reaching district goals.

Michael Pawlik, East Lycoming School District superintendent, is entering the third year of his five-year contract with his district. Pawlik’s starting base salary in 2011 was $113,000 and has increased to $118,430 for the 2013-14 school year. This school year’s salary represents a 2-percent raise over his 2012-13 figure of $115,260.

According to his contract, Pawlik’s salary increases based on his performance review, achievement of goals, salary increases of other administrative personnel within the district and superintendent salaries of comparable districts.

Brandt’s 2013-14 salary of $110,145 includes the first increase in salary that she’s received in the past three years. Brandt, who has served as Muncy’s superintendent since 2008, received a 1-percent increase over her previous three years’ salaries of $109,054.

Brandt’s increases are to align with academic and budgetary success of the district, according to her contract.

Daphne Bowers, who has headed Montgomery since 2004, is set to receive a salary of $120,603 for the 2013-14 school year. This is the final year of her five-year contract, a copy of which the Sun-Gazette received through a right-to-know request.

Bowers has seen increases of about 2 percent the past two years after taking a pay freeze during the 2011-12 school year. Any increase Bowers receives is based on her superintendent performance evaluation, achievement of district goals and comparable superintendent salaries.

Richard Emery, of Jersey Shore Area School District, who has been on sick leave since Oct. 1 and will remain out until his resignation June 30, has served as the district’s chief since 2004 and was set to receive a base salary for the year of $125,191. Although his base salary has not increased since the 2010-11 school year, Adrienne Craig, business manager, said increases could be approved retroactively for 2012-13 and 2013-14.

Increases would be based on the district’s state testing scores and budgetary success, which Craig said is determined by a calculation.