Another coating, before the thaw

Don’t expect Frosty the Snowman to be around long.

Although Mother Nature was expected to drop another 1 to 3 inches of snow this morning, enough to coat the 8 to 11 inches of snow that fell in most parts of the region Saturday and Sunday, temperatures will start to inch upward until Friday when the high is expected to be about 45 degrees, with a 50 percent chance of showers, according to Craig Evanego, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in State College.

That’s one day before the winter solstice at 12:11 p.m. Saturday. The solstice is day with the shortest amount of sunlight. The sun sets at 4:36 p.m.

Today’s snow consists of a fluffier and a less back-breaking load than what fell over the weekend, he said.

City work crews cleared paths and pushed snow using a variety of trucks and equipment Monday, according to William C. Wright, general manager of the city Streets and Parks Department. The department is responsible, too, for clearing about 50 miles of alleys, he said.

Wright was keeping his fingers crossed today’s snow would be about 1 inch and not require plowing.

As for the remainder of the work and school week, Wednesday should be partly sunny with a high near 30, but winds may gust up to 22 mph, chilly enough to cover one’s ears to prevent discomfort.

Wednesday night remains downright cold with a low near 17.

Thursday gets better, and should be partly sunny with a high near 35 and a low that night of 31.

Arguably two of the busiest shopping days of the year in four days could be mixed with freezing rain or a little snow.

Looking at records thus far for the month, the high temperature for the month was 56 degrees Dec. 5 and the low was 15 on Dec. 12. The snowiest day was Saturday, with 11.5 inches in Avis and 11 inches 21 miles north of Williamsport on Route 15. The city saw 8.6 inches of snow.

As of Sunday, 10.8 inches of snow had fallen for the month as recorded at the Williamsport Regional Airport. It’s also been 2.5 degrees cooler than the average temperature for the month.