Commissioners to award $50K to Montgomery water project

The Lycoming County commissioners may award $50,000 of natural gas drilling impact funds to the Montgomery Water and Sewer Authority to ensure adequate disinfection of water for one of its wells in order to meet the state Department of Environmental Protection standards, said Paul Krizan, project manager with Larson Group. It is part of the authority’s master improvement project.

The commissioners may approve a professional service agreement not to exceed $90,000 with MCM Consulting Group, which will do the acquisition, implementation, verification, training and project management services for the county’s emergency communications 911 microwave system project.

The approximate $1.8 million project should take 18 months to do, and is necessary because the system is almost 15 years old and soon will be obsolete, said John Yingling, county Department of Public Safety director. Most of that project is funded from a bond.

The commissioners may approve a $2.5 million tax and revenue anticipation note for 2014 between Citizens and Northern Bank and the county as collateral for the Children and Youth line of credit.

The Lycoming-Clinton Joinder Board applied for a line of credit in 2009 at that bank, and the bank asked the county to put up collateral in order to approve it, said Beth Johnston, county director of Fiscal Services. The county agreed, and thus began a tax revenue anticipation note on an annual basis in case of default, which never has happened, she said, and the board never has had to tap into it.

Once the board receives its federal and state funding, the line of credit is repaid, and the funding also covers the interest accrued, so none of it affects taxpayers, Johnston said.

The commissioners may approve those up for re-appointments on various boards and authorities Thursday.

Up for re-appointment for the Lycoming County Library System Board (three-year terms) are members Louise Eakin, Christine Foresman and Tony Mussare.

For Lycoming County Housing Authority (five-year terms) is member Dorothy Engel.

For Lycoming County Conservation District (four-year terms) are board members Ernie Larson, Larry Fry and Bill Messersmith.

Up for re-appointment for the Lycoming County Agriculture and Land Preservation Board are members Paul Wentzler and Joseph Neyhart.