Hope Enterprises makes full restitution to theft victims

After a former employee of Hope Enterprises Inc. was alleged to have stolen more than $30,000 from 13 residents, the company issued a statement Thursday addressing its response to the situation.

Dr. Jim Campbell, president, confirmed that the company already has made total restitution to the affected individuals.

He added that, although the process just has begun, the company is “looking at all internal systems in our programs, across the board, to find anything that might be a potential problem in the future.”

“We want to be comprehensive and thoughtful in letting the community know what’s happening,” he said.

Campbell declined further comment.

The following is the statement from the company in its entirety:

“Hope Enterprises Inc. places the utmost value on the individuals we serve, their families, and our dedicated and caring staff. Hope is providing full and proactive cooperation with recent investigations conducted regarding funds of individuals served by Hope, which may have been misappropriated by a person formally employed by Hope.

“During the process of conducting an internal investigation, it was determined that the appropriate local authorities should be notified and they promptly were. The funds in question have been managed and dispersed by a third-party entity; however, in order to provide immediate support to the affected individuals and families, Hope Enterprises has restored funds to the extent that they are known. Hope will continue to cooperate in investigations that are pending with criminal and other appropriate authorities, and is currently evaluating action plans to ensure that all individuals and families served by Hope will continue to receive high quality services that have been delivered for more than 60 years.”