Police Chief: ‘Knock Out’ game may have taken place in city

The city’s top law enforcement officer says somebody may have played the “Knock Out” game in the city over the Thanksgiving holiday.

During a meeting of the city’s Public Safety Committee, Police Chief Gregory A. Foresman said, in response to a question from Councilman Randall J. Allison, that a man was “knocked silly, smacked from behind,” in a recent assault.

“We had one case that raised some eyebrows,” Foresman said.

The man was accosted but nothing was taken from him, according to the chief. “It was listed as an attempted robbery and is under criminal investigation,” he added.

The game is a disturbing nationwide trend in which unsuspecting pedestrians are struck in the head, usually approached from behind, in an attempt by the assailant to knock the individual unconscious.

Police became aware of the details of the assault after the man was treated for medical injuries.

“I don’t think we got an accurate detail of the assailant, or if the person was alone or with others because the man was reportedly hit very (hard),” Foresman said.

Foresman said he didn’t mind speaking up after Allison’s question because he wanted people to be aware of their surroundings, especially over the holiday shopping season.

“We’re hoping people remain leery of individuals traveling in packs and steer clear of them when at all possible,” he said. “If possible, don’t walk alone or get into a situation where no one is around.”

Since then, there haven’t been any similar incidents, according to Foresman.

“We’re hoping it was a situation of a copycat,” he said.

Foresman did not provide a date e or the location of the incident of the attack; only that it occurred in the last two weeks.