Board discusses ‘surprise’ add-ons to agenda

WELLSBORO – Discussion at the Wellsboro Area School board meeting Tuesday centered around the addition of last minute items to the board’s agenda.

New board member Matthew Feil brought up the issue, stating that he doesn’t like to be surprised, with add-ons that he and the remainder of the board haven’t had a chance to consider before voting on.

“I understand the need to be flexible, my concern is surprising board members with add-ons the Friday before the meetings, so I ask that the items be added in a timely fashion,” said. “Any items unless urgent can wait,” he added.

Feil was referring in particular to a change in board policy concerning district vehicle use. The first reading was added on after Friday and later approved by the board.

Board president Carl Chambers noted that normally “we cut things off on Thursday, so if we waited the vehicle would sit there for a month until the next meeting before anyone could use it.”

Superintendent Chris Morral noted “from an office perspective, it does become a challenge.”

“A good example is we had a volunteer coach we just received clearances for and if we don’t have him on the agenda, there might be some kids who can’t participate in a sport,” Morral said.

“I agree if it is a major item, it will have to wait,” he added.

Chambers said if there is something last minute, “there is no reason you shouldn’t discuss it and whoever is responsible for adding that should be available to answer questions and discuss it.”

Board vice president lauded board secretary Linda Gamble, saying she does an “amazing job in a short amount of time.”

“This is not unique to this board, but if it becomes a problem larger than this we need to revisit it,” he said.

In other business, Morral recognized three Future Farmers of America student – Cheyenne Wetherbee, Amber Brown and Chance Borden for earning their Keystone Degree.