Easter parade on agenda

The city Recreation Commission approved an idea by Mayor Gabriel J. Campana to hold an Easter parade in eastern part of the Central Business District prior to the annual Easter egg hunt in Brandon Park.

Campana attended the commission meeting Monday offering the idea and the commission agreed to plan it.

The parade will start at the Basin Street Shopping Center and go from there up Basin Street, west on East Third Street, turn right on Mulberry Street and following a pathway to the park.

Campana said he was responding to one of the concerns expressed to City Council last Thursday by John Albarano II, a business developer who has properties in the eastern part of the district that expands the downtown.

Albarano said city parades seem to end at Market Street, as did the holiday decorations.

“He had a lot of valid points,” Campana said.

The annual egg hunt begins at 2 p.m. and the starting time for the parade continues to be worked out. Further details are to be provided as the event draws nearer.