Hughesville council OKs snow alert system

HUGHESVILLE – Hughesville Borough Council approved a motion Monday to install and implement bad weather notifications using the Swift Reach Phone System.

The system will send out calls to volunteer recipients to advise them to move their cars so the borough can plow. Anyone wishing to be notified will have to sign up and provide contact information to be added to the list.

The system also will provide up-to-date information on the borough website and Facebook page informing residents of weather alerts.

“I would really like to see something to be done for the residents so they don’t have be ticketed for their vehicles being in the way,” said Mayor Walter Reed. “I will volunteer to help get the system set up and running.”

He went on to say, “I think signing up should be on a volunteer basis though.”

All residents on the snow list automatically will get a call to inform them of when the plowing will be done. The system also will leave messages for unanswered calls.

Council members Mary Burns, Richard Smith and Gail Guisewhite voted in favor and Jeff Berger and Andrew Mook opposed. James Savage was not present.

The borough plans on getting the system set up this year and ready for the first snowfall next year.

In other business:

Councilman Richard Smith is working with Rural Water Authority to develop a long-term plan to upgrade the borough’s water system. Council looks to replace the water lines to be completed over five to 10 years and will apply for grants to help cover the cost.

Council is checking into the ordinance on tree and shrub violations. After several attempts to get some residents to comply with the regulations, they still are in violation. The borough may have to hire someone to do the work at the owner’s expense.

Council decided not to construct a turning lane on Main Street at this time, agreeing it would take up too much space and eliminate all the downtown parking now available.

Approved the route for the YMCA to hold its fourth annual 5K Race at 8 a.m. April 12.

Noted that the Greater Hughesville Business Association no longer will hold its Halloween parade due to insurance rates and other reasons.