Local musician: Music scene is booming in Billtown

As downtown Williamsport continues its revitalization and growth, a lot of things seem to be changing for the better.

“I’m really happy with all of the music going on in Williamsport these days,” said Rob Bickle, an employee at Bullfrog Brewery.

Bickle, a musician who has played with the local band Moxie and Rebel, said he’s seen a noticeable increase in the number of musical acts – both regional and national – coming through Williamsport and playing at venues such as the Bullfrog, The Brickyard and 3 Gringos.

He said he’s seeing more and more bands coming to town “from all kinds of different areas, because they’ve heard about Williamsport and they want to play here.”

Bickle said he believes the revitalization of downtown has played a huge role in the increase in the music scene.

“It was harder to find gigs three years ago or so,” he said.

Now, with more and more places opening and many of them offering live music, the opportunities are numerous.

Bickle said he’s also seen a significant growth in electronic dance music, or EDM, with venues such as The Cellblock and Jeremiah’s – located above the Bullfrog – offering entire nights devoted to the genre.

It’s something that a lot of people are getting interested in, he said, so “it’s great to have that available.”