Loyalsock Township passes floodplain ordinance

On Tuesday night, the Loyalsock Township Board of Supervisors passed a floodplain ordinance that meets requirements set by the National Flood Insurance Program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Though the ordinance will impact many, the township will see a percentage of savings due to its foot-and-a-half flood elevation, township Manager Bill Burdett said.

The amount of savings was not stated at the meeting.

In other business, Director of Recreation Shannon Lukowsky addressed the board about purchasing aluminum bleachers for Heshbon Park and moving forward with resurfacing the basketball courts at James Short and Heshbon parks this year. The initiatives were approved with the passage of the 2014 budget, Burdett said.

The board also unanimously approved the reappointment of Jack Seely and Chris Sullivan (alternate) to the Zoning Hearing Board for another three-year term and gave permission to schedule and advertise a conditional use hearing to be held at a later meeting to address whether to allow Verizon to install a cell tower in Heshbon Park.

The proposed tower will double as a flag pole and could bring in anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 each month in revenue for the township, Burdett said.