Montgomery elects Crist council president

MONTGOMERY – Council elected Lynn Crist as its president, Lamont Wertz as vice president and Fae Herb as President Pro Tem.

“President Pro Tem is the person who is in charge when the president and vice president are not at the meeting,” Crist said.

Council agreed on a $750 quarterly donation Emergency Management Agency totaling $3,000 annually. The SPCA will receive a $750 quarterly donation totaling $1,000 annually.

Voting “yes” were Richard Williams, James McCarty, Lamont Wertz, Lynn Crist and Fae Herb. Don Feaster and Rod Metzger were not at the meeting.

New council member Herb was born and raised in Montgomery and follows in her father’s footsteps by serving on the borough council.

“Some of my goals are to involve the community more and be more accessible to them,” commented Herb. “I would like to see more residents show up at our meetings and take part in the changes we are making.”

She went on to say, “I also want people to stop and absorb Montgomery instead of just pass through.”

Herb replaces former council member J.J. Magyar.

Council approved the following appointments:

Water & Sewer Authority -Gary Yocum

Solicitor -Ben Landon

Depository – Muncy Bank and Trust

Engineer – Larson Design Group

Secretary – Angela Adams

Assistant Secretary and treasurer – John Lynch

Chief executive administrator for sensions – John Lynch

The board also approved the following borough committees for 2014:

Sidewalks and storm sewers – Andy Onufrak, Done Feaster, Fae Herb and James McCarty.

Parks – Whitlow Wertz, Rod Metzger, Andy Onufrak and Rick Williams.

Labor Relations – Lynn Crist, Rick Williams, Andy Onufrak and James McCarty.

Representatives to the fire company – Don Feaster and Whitlow Wertz.

Civil service commission – Gary Yocum, Whitlow Wertz, and Lynn Crist.

Vacancy Board – Christine Smith. Zoning Board – Fred Pfeifffer and Charlie Kroft; Borough Property – Rick Williams, Andy Onufrak, Lynn Crist, and Whitlow Wertz.

Police – Andy Onufrak, Lynn Crist, Jim McCarty, and Whitlow Wertz.

Representative to the Emergency Management Agency – Lynn Crist, Rod Metzger and Don Feaster.

Representatives to Water and Sewer Authority – Rod Metzger, Lynn Crist, and Any Onufrak.

Long-term budget committee – Lynn Christ, Jim McCarty and Rick Williams.

Council accepted the resignation of Karmen R. Rupert as borough tax collector.

Regular meetings will be on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 14 with work sessions on Mondays and Thursdays if needed.