Reassessment suspended, city seeks grants

Locally elected and appointed officials voted on the following matters in the past week:


* The House voted 405-0 to amend the Clean Air Act to remove the requirement for dealer certification of new light-duty motor vehicles. Voting in favor were U.S. Reps. Thomas A. Marino, R-Cogan Station, and Glenn “GT” Thompson, R-Howard.


No votes were cast.


The Lycoming County commissioners unanimously decided to suspend countywide reassessment due to the uncertainties created by the impacts of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 on the value of affected properties. Voting in favor were Jeff Wheeland and Tony Mussare. Ernest P. Larson was absent.

The Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority unanimously approved an agreement with South Williamsport and the Williamsport Municipal Water Authority that South Williamsport customers 120 days late paying their sewer bills to the county authority will have their water shut off by the Williamsport authority, pending the Williamsport authority’s approval. Voting in favor were Mary Bennardi, Paul Wentzler, Donald Konkle, Jan Ransdorf, James Carpenter, Richard Haas, Charles Hall and Robert Hippenstiel. Scott Slocum was absent.

The Lycoming County Prison Board unanimously approved the prison’s December expenditures and revenues: $25,648 for health and medical supplies; $24,178 for kitchen supplies and food; $29,830 for general services, supplies and maintenance; and $25,764 in revenue. Voting in favor were county Commissioners Jeff Wheeland, Ernie Larson and Tony Mussare, Warden Kevin DeParlos, District Attorney Eric Linhardt and county Controller Krista Rogers, and county President Judge Nancy Butts. Sheriff Mark Lusk was absent.


Council voted 6-0 to accept the administration pursuing a $555,000 in state grants for the Brodart Neighborhood Improvement project and entrance access to Memorial Park. Voting were Hall, Bonnie Katz, Liz Miele, Don Noviello, Randall J. Allison and N. Clifford “Skip” Smith. Councilman Jonathan Williamson was absent.

The Williamsport Municipal Airport Authority elected its 2014 slate of officers and solicitor: Christopher Logue, chairman; Atwood Welker, vice chairman; William Martin, secretary; Michael Hughes, treasurer; Ryan Tira, assistant secretary and treasurer; Scott Williams, solicitor. Voting in favor were Mark Murawski, Atwood Welker, William Martin, Rebecca Burke, T. Michael Hughes and Christopher Logue. Ryan Tira was absent.

DuBoistown Borough Council unanimously accepted the resignation of Michael Caschera III as borough police chief. Voting yes were Michael Rodgers, James Barger, Norman Cowden, Michael Wall, Jennie Miller, and Michael Caschera Jr.

School District

South Williamsport Area School Board unanimously approved the extension of superintendent Dr. Mark Stamm’s contract from three to five years. Voting in favor were John Engel, Donald Lowe, Gregg Balawajder, Chris Branton, Jerry Broskey and Sue Davenport.

Loyalsock Township School Board voted 9-0 to approve a resolution to not raise property taxes above the Act 1 Index for its 2014-15 budget. Voting in favor were board members Sheila Yates, Edward Ade Jr., Stephen Dewar, Maureen Carey, William Carlucci, David Hornberger, Christina Kiessling, John Raymond and Paul Young II.

Williamsport Area School Board voted 8-0 to authorize the termination of the agreement for sale of the Woodward Township School that was entered with MDDH, LLC and the return to the buyer of the deposit paid in connection with that agreement. Voting in favor were board members Lori Baer, Karen Confer, David Stone Jr., Jerene Milliken, Spencer Sweeting, Nicholas Grimes, Robin Knauth and Chester Peterman. Board member Dr. Jane Penman was absent from the meeting.