Super Bowl safety requires having post-game game plan

After the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks battle it out next week and make Super Bowl history, make sure you have a safe way to get home if you plan on drinking with friends at a Super Bowl party.

That’s the message that was promoted Friday morning at Joey’s Place on Washington Boulevard in partnership with the state Department of Transportation and its Community Traffic Safety Project.

“We want people to have a game plan,” Chris Smith, highway safety specialist for the traffic safety project, said.

“We certainly aren’t telling people not to drink during the game,” Dave Thompson, safety press officer for PennDOT, said. “We just want those who are planning on drinking to really think about how they’re going to get home safely.”

Joey’s Place is displaying a signboard on its countertop to spread the message. The placard, provided by the project, will be aimed at the eyes of customers throughout the week, reminding them that it’s smarter to make arrangements to spend the night somewhere or secure a ride than to drive under the influence and risk lives.

“In 2012, 25 percent of traffic fatalities in District 3.0 were DUI related,” Thompson said.

District 3.0 is comprised of Lycoming, Montour, Tioga, Bradford, Union, Snyder, Northumberland, Columbia and Sullivan counties.

There were 151 crashes involving alcohol in 2012 in Lycoming County, six of which resulted in at least one fatality, according to information provided by PennDOT.

From 2008 through 2012, a total of 752 alcohol-related crashes were reported in Lycoming County.

The county’s DUI task force makes 600 to 700 DUI arrests a year.