Warrant connected to homicide

MANSFIELD – State police Trooper Todd Wagaman Friday obtained a search warrant to examine evidence taken from the residence of Debra Lockett, 57, of 1489 Nauvoo Road, Liberty possibly in connection with the shooting death of Oliver Litzelman, 81, of 7832 Route 4414, Morris Township on Sept. 13.

As a result Lockett will likely be charged with criminal homicide and robbery, according the warrant, issued Friday by District Judge James Carlson.

Recovered by police Oct. 3 was an H and R model 732 .32 caliber revolver, from a closet in the master bedroom of Lockett’s trailer home, which she shared with her husband George.

Cpl. Elwood F. Spencer, firearms and tool examiner with the Bureau of Forensic Services, Wyoming Regional Laboratory, examined the weapon and two spent bullets recovered by police at the scene right after the shooting and determined that Lockett’s gun was the same gun that discharged the two rounds, one of which police allege killed Oliver Litzelman.

Also recovered were a Samsung cellphone, an LG cellphone, two Aipteck camera/video recorders, a Toshiba laptop computer, a Logitech thumb drive, a Sandisk thumb drive, a Sony 4 GB thumb drive and an HP Pavilion Computer tower and a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville, seized at Campbell’s Auto Sales, Nauvoo, where it had been parked by Lockett on the same day as the incident, police said.

Lockett purchased the car with a bad check just days before the killing and the dealer had demanded it be returned, police said.

Lockett was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and theft by deception-bad checks on Oct. 3 and jailed in lieu of $115,000 bail, and she remains at Tioga County Prison.

Friday’s warrant was based on information provided by Litzelman’s wife, Edwina, who survived the attack by a “skinny white female” who came to their home saying she was a relative doing genealogical research.

She then demanded money and when Edwina said she had none, she pulled a black gun from her purse. Oliver Litzelman, who thought the gun was a toy initially, continued to step forward to get between her and his wife even after she discharged a round to show him it was no toy and he was shot in the back of the head, police said.

The female then stabbed Edwina with a knife or some other sharp object behind the right ear after pushing her to the floor, took her purse, yanked the phone line out of the wall and fled the scene, according to police.

Information provided other witnesses who identified Lockett and the vehicle from a photo array obtained by police from the Department of Motor Vehicles, evidence collected at the scene, including blood and hair, and investigative efforts by state police from Montoursville and Milton also were used to obtain the warrant.