City tries to get funding for study to redevelop

The city finance committee Tuesday gave a positive recommendation to the city administration’s plan to apply for a $25,000 grant from the state Department of Community and Economic Development grant to pay for a study on redeveloping areas east of Market Street.

Councilman Jonathan Williamson, chairman of the committee, said he views the project as a good opportunity for a part of the city with a lot to gain from such a visioning process.

The city has begun a project to create a redevelopment plan for a project area within the Central Business District, according to John Grado, city engineer and director of community and economic development.

The site area boundaries are Little League Boulevard and the institutional zone of Lycoming College to the north and Chatham Street on the east, with Market Street at the west and Via Bella and the Interstate 180 to the south.

The college is planning to contribute $25,000 toward the project estimated to cost more than $65,000.

Kim Wheeler, of the county Department of Planning and Community Development, presented a written overview of the goals of the project to the committee ahead of the council meeting.

Wheeler said the state Department of Economic and Community Development officials she has been in touch with inquired whether the city would apply for the grant.

The project includes an overall master plan that includes information from community members about vision, neighborhood histories, and a transportation study.