Coroner says 2 died of carbon monoxide poisoning

A man and a woman were found dead Friday night in a parked car in a garage on Bloomingrove Road, according to Lycoming County Coroner Charles E. Kiessling.

Keith Payton and Salina Johnson, both 40, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Kiessling said blood tests indicated the couple had died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

He added that marijuana and alcohol were inside the vehicle when the bodies were found, and he said there is no indication that these deaths were anything but an accident.

“We’ve talked to the families and no one has alluded that they (Payton and Johnson) were depressed or had any reason to do this,” Kiessling said. “It’s unfortunate.”

According to an Associated Press report, the ignition was in the “on” position, but the vehicle had run out of gasoline.

Authorities detected high levels of carbon monoxide inside the garage, and Kiessling says blood tests were consistent with poisoning from the gas.

The bodies were released to funeral homes over the weekend.