Local fans indifferent to Super Bowl XLVIII

It’s a tradition as American as apple pie – Super Bowl Sunday, when sports fans gather to eat, drink and cheer for their favorite team.

“It’s such a big part of our culture – people together watching the game, enjoying themselves,” Chris Pelletier said.

Pelletier was one of several football fans at the American Legion Post 617 Super Bowl Loser’s Party Sunday in South Williamsport.

“We called it a ‘loser’s party’ because none of our teams won,” Art Shoemaker said.

One of many wearing a Steelers T-shirt, Shoemaker thought the Seahawks would win because of the prediction of a certain monkey.

“There’s an orangutan who has been right nine years in a row. He picked the Seahawks,” Shoemaker said.

A manatee in Florida that makes Super Bowl predictions also picked the Seahawks, according to Shoemaker.

“Animals can’t be all wrong,” he said.

A group of women at the end of the bar talked about animals, too – but for different reasons.

“Earlier today I got into watching the Kitty Bowl on the Hallmark channel,” Dottie McCarty, member of the American Legion, said.

The Kitten Bowl featured cats fighting over catnip-filled footballs

and tailgating with miniature grills.

“I tried to turn the Puppy Bowl on here but the guys switched it off,” McCarty said, laughing.

Like McCarty, many females expressed indifference to the big game. Most watched football because their boyfriends did.

“I’m not really a sports fan. I know what’s going on but not the details,” Kaitlyn Murray, patron at Kimball’s Pub, said, adding that she liked the shade of the Seahawks’ green team color.

Murray’s boyfriend, John Netter, an Eagles fan, decided to support the Broncos after learning where linebacker Steven Johnson grew up.

“He’s from my hometown of Media,” Netter said.

Despite being a college sports bar, Kimball’s Pub wasn’t very busy Sunday evening.

“This is one day when college kids are sitting in their dorm rooms or apartments watching the game with friends,” owner Brian Tager, a Redskins fan, said.

Kimball’s does, however, fill more to-go orders than usual on Super Bowl Sunday.

“We do a lot of take-out. Wings on Super Bowl is like Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day,” Tager said.

Tager, who for the past 12 years has spent every Super Bowl Sunday working in the kitchen of his pub, said he’d prefer to be sitting on his living room couch.

“Like most people, I’d rather watch the Super Bowl in the comfort of my own home,” Tager said.

No local people identified the Seahawks or the Broncos as being their favorite team. Most only rooted for a Super Bowl team because their favorite team had lost.

“My team is the Eagles and they didn’t make it. Neither did the Steelers. So after that, if I had to pick a team to win, it would be the Broncos because my girlfriend loves Peyton Manning,” American Legion member Justin Shoemaker said.

Besides football, Justin Shoemaker had something else to be excited about last night.

“I’m going to be a father!” he said.

On Saturday night, his girlfriend, Leslie Shoemaker, learned she was pregnant.

“I’m ecstatic, filled with joy. I don’t know how to express all these happy feelings,” Justin Shoemaker said.

A golden opportunity to spend time with loved ones, the biggest day in football unites the whole nation.

“I really don’t care who wins,” American Legion member Sue Murphy said. “I’m just here to spend time with friends.”