Mayor seeks expansion on redevelopment farther east

The Williamsport Parking Authority Wednesday heard a proposal by Mayor Gabriel J. Campana on an idea he has to expand redevelopment east of Market Street almost to the municipal line with Loyalsock Township.

Campana told the authority he will ask City Council tonight to amend a resolution to expand redevelopment east to Catherine Street and closer to the township, rather than to Chatham Street, which is several blocks to the west.

He said he needed authority members input because the plan will need to evaluate parking needs to encourage restaurants and retailers to locate.

“First impressions are important,” he said of the eastern gateway to the city.

The zoning would have to be changed so it doesn’t allow such things as warehouses and meat slaughtering plants, he said.

“I want to see a continuation of the Golden Strip,” he said.

Campana also said he wants to see the creation of another city committee to oversee the proposal.

He has proposed an East Third Street Gateway Revitalization Commission with a five-member board.

The commission would make recommendations to the city’s economic revitalization committee and to the full body of council, he said.

After the presentation, Dr. Anthony Cipolla, chairman of the authority, said he welcomed the mayor’s idea and looked forward to hearing what council would have to say.

In another matter, the authority welcomed a new member on the authority, Lee Dawson, who replaced Kenneth DiRocco.