PennDOT: Plenty of salt onhand

It was a fairly routine storm in terms of cleanup on state roads, according to Rick Mason, community relations director for the state Department of Transportation’s District 3-0.

“It was a plowable storm, which is better than those ‘nuisance storms’ that only drop an inch or two of snow but still use up supplies and manpower,” he said.

He said crews spent more time plowing than anything and, as for supplies such as salt, Mason said PennDOT has nothing to worry about.

“As is normally the case, we take additional deliveries throughout the season, so we’re in good shape,” he said. “We have plenty to last us through the rest of winter.”

Mason said there were no major crashes, thanks in part to speed restrictions on major highways that stayed in place until about 12:30 p.m., and to “motorists behaving very well.”

Clifford Hoffman, streets supervisor in Hughesville Borough, also said cleanup was routine but that the borough’s salt supply is “getting low.”

“I have two loads ordered, which will hopefully come in soon,” he said.

It was a sentiment echoed by Ron Smith, street commissioner for Montoursville Borough.

Salt supplies are “not holding up very well,” Smith said, due to more snowfall than usual this winter.

“We’re on state contracts, so we call and they deliver if we need it, but it’s costly,” he said. “We’ve already gone way above budget for salt supplies this year.”