South Williamsport woman struggles to find work

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Nicole English, 27, of South Williamsport, has struggled to find full-time employment in the area since she graduated with a degree in human services from Pennsylvania College of Technology last May.

“I’ve been looking and looking,” English said. “I’ve gone to CareerLink a few times to try and find something, but every time I interview for a job, they either tell me I’m overqualified or underqualified.”

English recently interned at a local adoption agency and it opened up her eyes to the kind of work she could see herself doing for a long time. But, she said, it’s been difficult finding full-time work in the field.

“I’ve looked anywhere and everywhere, trying to figure out what jobs are available and what’s not,” she said.

She’s applied to work in the school district as an aide to disabled students but lacks the proper clearances. And, many employers have sent her away because she does not have a master’s degree.

“The cost of going back to school is impossible for me at this point,” she said.

Though English values her education from Penn College, she concedes that having a degree doesn’t guarantee a job.

“My experiences in college – they helped,” she said. “At least in the program I was in, you had the opportunity to go see what the field has, but it doesn’t give you a full experience.”

English has family in town, so she’d rather not look elsewhere for work, at least for now.

“Eventually, I’d like to move out of the area. But I want to get my start here,” she said.