City man content, praises natural gas development in area

Bob Sherwood, 50, of Williamsport, has nothing to complain about. Having lived in the city all his life, he’s seen its communities grow and the economy prosper.

“People are more friendly, more willing to say ‘hi’ when you say ‘hi’ to them,” he said. “And this town has grown, business-wise.”

Sherwood attributes much of the city’s economic development to the gas industry.

“A lot of people don’t think that the gas companies have helped at all,” he said. “But they most certainly have. Some people just don’t understand it or see what they’re actually doing.”

Sherwood cited the growth of the Lycoming Mall and Kohl’s as examples of progress in and around Williamsport.

“I never thought we’d see a Kohl’s in Williamsport, let alone in downtown Williamsport,” he said.

He also addressed complaints about the number of potholes on city streets.

“That happens every winter,” he said. “But it was a battle this year with almost 50 inches of snow.”

For the last four years, Sherwood has worked at the Genetti Hotel as a maintenance man.

“I love fixing things,” he said. “I used to walk by the Genetti several times a week but never thought I’d be working there.”

Sherwood loves his city as well.

“This town just grabs ahold of some people and they end up staying here their whole life,” he said.