Day-reporting center site yet to be finalized

While Lycoming County commissioners wait to hear if a portion of the Pine Street Executive Plaza would be suitable for a day-reporting center, they approved two new positions for the upcoming center.

A probation officer with no experience would receive a salary of $37,418; with experience, $40,943; and a probation office supervisor would get a salary of $44,785.

The likely primary service provider for the center, GEO Group Inc., which runs Luzerne and Franklin counties’ day-reporting centers, with Boca Raton, Fla., headquarters, toured the plaza last month and will give a recommendation of its suitability, Wheeland said.

The center’s need is demonstrated by chronic prison overcrowding, the commissioners have said. Warden Kevin DeParlos gave a report at Friday’s prison board meeting, stating 17 male inmates were sent to the Clinton County Correctional Facility last month, while no females were taken to out-of-county housing.

February’s average daily population was 370, with the peak population at 384.

DeParlos reported 70 males and 31 females were referred to the pre-release center while 56 males and 28 females were released in February.

The prison board reauthorized the intermediate punishment program. While approved annually, the day-reporting center will use the program as well, said Warden Kevin DeParlos, describing the program as similar to a probation sentence with certain sanctions. These sanctions can include community service, fines, electronic monitoring, a halfway facility, house arrest, probation with day reporting, drug and alcohol rehab, work release, work camp and drug, DUI and mental health court, with or without prison time.

DeParlos reviewed the bail/release program 2013 year-end report, which shows the program accounted for 24,773 prison bed days last year. The total monthly caseload average for the year was 68, saving that many bed spaces in the prison each month, he said. The program now serves about 90 inmates each month.