Montgomery man chomps at bit to ride cycle for the troops

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Robert Bitler has biker blood swirling through his veins.

With the first hint of spring in the air, Bitler, of Montgomery, said he is looking forward to taking part in motorcycle fundraisers as the weather improves.

He wants to jump on his motorcycles to help raise money and benefit various veterans organizations’ and other charitable causes.

Wearing a Harley-Davidson leather jacket, Bitler said he gets pleasure out of riding in the motorcycle runs, especially the annual 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride on Sept. 11. It is the large contingency of motorcyclists rolling in a circuitous route through the city and municipalities in Lycoming County.

“Don’t hate the soldier,” Bitler said, when asked what message he had for those who are opposed to war.

“We’re all about the military and supporting it,” he said, adding how those who ride motorcycles in clubs and associations raise money themselves and through their clubs and sponsors.

Many riders, including both those who belong to various Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion posts and others who didn’t serve in the military, are mindful of the troops’ missions past and present.

The thunderous roar of motorcycle engines, emblems on jackets and American flags displayed bring that to the forefront each year, he said.

Bitler would ride no matter what the conditions are outside.

“It could be zero, and I would ride,” he said.