Parking lots to get attention

Several surface lots managed by the Williamsport Parking Authority will receive treatments such as removing pot holes, ruts and problem areas caused by years of deferred maintenance.

On Wednesday, the authority awarded a $192,550 contract to HRI Inc., a city-based construction company, to repave, construct and repair lots containing a total of 139 spaces in the city.

It’s the second phase of a three-year capital improvement projects plan. The contract is contingent upon review by the authority engineer and solicitor.

Dr. Anthony Cipolla, chairman of the authority, said the work is meant to make it a more pleasant experience to park in the city and includes improvements and designs enhancements meant to ensure the lots last longer.

Lee Dawson, who recently was appointed to the authority recently, has replaced Kenneth DiRocco.

To enhance the authority’s image, a Web-page designer has offered his services, for a fee.

The designer is preparing a bid that he guarantees will improve on the existing design and help the image of the authority for those trying to find information about it on the Internet.

The designer’s work includes creating and maintaining a page on Facebook and making it so the site provides access and linkage to other departments in the city.

The authority held a brief discussion on how difficult the winter’s been on those charged with keeping the surface lots free of snow. The plowing and overtime expenses have driven down the overall revenues, according to William E. Nichols Jr., city finance director.

Nichols noted the revenue at this time of the year is down from last year and said the reason is due to overtime to plow the pavement.