Police officers to no longer pick up, move stolen bicycles

City Streets and Parks Department personnel now have another task for their daily schedules.

Whenever police receive a report of a stolen or lost bicycle that is found, police have been routinely documenting the bike and hauling it to the impound area on West Third Street.

Following a meeting with Mayor Gabriel J. Campana Wednesday, that’s no longer going to be the practice.

Instead of police picking up the bicycles, the task will be assigned to the city Streets and Parks personnel.

Details of how that will take place are being worked out, according to William C. Wright, general manager of the department.

“We need police to be solving and preventing crimes,” Campana said.

Should a bicycle be reported stolen, it remains a crime of theft, and police will continue to work to find the rightful owner, he said.

Wright said the department has done some of these tasks before but never has taken over the sole responsibility.

Police Chief Gregory A. Foresman said the police receive about 300 to 400 calls for picking up lost, abandoned, stolen and reported stolen bicycles a year.

“I can tell you we used to carry the bikes out of City Hall and bring them to the police impound garage,” Wright said. “Now, we will pick them up there or wherever they ask us to or wherever the report comes in.”