Pool repair estimates: $639,000 to $900,000

A Memorial Pool design with a budget estimate of $900,000 to rebuild the aquatic facility closed for several years due to deterioration may be presented next month to City Council.

A low estimate to rebuild the pool without a cover and other amenities is $639,000, said Justin Simpson, city recreation director. The city’s recreation commission has recommended the budget and design for council’s review in April, he said.

The upper-end of the estimate is $900,000 for such things as a ladder, bucket to soak patrons and an extra lane to accommodate the area swim team, Simpson said.

Council authorized borrowing $200,000 to rebuild the pool and approved the city’s use of $500,000 in state grants.

The Memorial Park Project Committee is a local group trying to raise $50,000 by an Aug. 31 deadline, Simpson said.

While the East End Pool at Shaw Place Park will close after the swim season and not reopen, Mayor Gabriel J. Campana said the city’s attention needs to be put on efforts to make the one and only pool in 2015 the best facility it can be.

Campana said the pool will provide recreational activities, encourage healthy living, prevent crime and add quality of life to a destination spot on West Fourth Street.

The community also is toying with the idea of creating a non-profit fundraising group for playground and other equipment in Memorial Park.

“We’re tossing around the idea,” Simpson said. It would be separate from a city organization and different than the committee overseeing the Memorial Pool Project, he said.