Snow and bitter cold back for coming week

The massive winter storm predicted to hit the area today into Monday will be more manageable and only produce two to four inches of snow, according to forecasters.

Brian Edwards, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in State College, said he anticipates the snowfall will be closer to two inches in and around Williamsport.

The snow is expected to start today during the late afternoon and continue to about 7 a.m. tomorrow.

The heaviest amount of snowfall is going to hit farther south than originally expected, Edwards said, with the southern part of the state, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. seeing anywhere from six to 12 inches of snow.

This winter season has produced 43.9 inches of snow in the area. Last year it got 32.3 inches of snow. The average snowfall for a winter season in the area is 36 inches.

Although this area will not see much snow today into Monday, cold temperatures will make up for the loss. The National Weather Service predicts that another blast of cold air will make its way into the area this week.

“It is going to be cold, that’s for sure,” said Edwards.

Tomorrow’s high will be around 20 degrees during the day, and temperatures could get as low as -6 degrees tomorrow night. Temperatures will remain the the upper 20s with lows in teens until Thursday night.

Friday will bring warmer weather to the area with a high of 40 degrees and a low of 28 degrees.

The average tempature for the Williamsport area, for this time of year, is a high of 42 degrees and a low of 24 degrees.