1 big high chair

If you’ve driven past Williamsport lately and taken a casual glance at the skyline, you might have done a double-take. But your eyes are not deceiving you: there is indeed a gigantic yellow chair perched above Pine Street downtown.

“We wanted to do something fun for downtown,” said Pam Keefer, co-owner and general manager of Aquarius Pool and Patio, 170 Pine St.

Keefer and her father, co-owner of the store, had been “talking about doing something on the roof (of the building) for a while,” she said, because it would be visible from downtown or the highway and would be a fun, unique addition to the town’s skyline.

When the two were attending the High Point Market, a home-furnishings trade show held twice a year in High Point, N.C., last October, Keefer saw the towering Adirondack chair and knew it was the one.

“We fell in love with it,” she said.

The over-sized chair, which measures about 12 feet tall and is visible from Route 220 or the Carl E. Stotz Memorial Little League Bridge on Market Street, was at the show as part of a display by C.R. Plastic Products.

It was the first year that the company, who uses 100 percent recycled plastic for all of its products, had manufactured something this big, Keefer said, and she couldn’t wait to get the chair ordered, assembled and placed on the roof.

“I’m so excited – we just finished assembling it this morning,” she said on March 21.

The chair is made of

more than a dozen separate pieces, numbered to ensure proper assembly, that Aquarius employees put together once out on the roof.

By sheer size, the finished product wouldn’t have made it up the stairs and out of the only roof access door, Keefer said, noting that “it was also really heavy.”

Keefer said that the chair will be illuminated at night, although they are still deciding between using spotlights or wrapping it with strands of lights, and that the chair’s decor will change with the seasons, as well.

“We’ll have a giant Santa sitting in it during Christmas, and probably figure out ways to decorate it for other holidays,” Keefer said.

Aquarius has sold C.R. Plastic’s regular-sized tables and chairs for several years, Keefer said, but should anyone be interested in the larger-than-life models, she’ll see what she can do.

“If someone ever wants to buy a big one, I’m sure we can try to get them one,” she said.