Decontamination vehicle may be transferred to city

The city Bureau of Fire wants to acquire, at no cost to the city, a vehicle that can decontaminate those poisoned by gas, such as from a methamphetamine drug lab, a chemical factory or natural gas well site.

Deputy Chief David Dymeck brought up the request Tuesday before the city public safety committee consisting of Councilmen N. Clifford “Skip” Smith, Randall J. Allison and Don Noviello.

The vehicle, which has self-contained decontamination equipment in it, including the ability to shower people with warm water in a private manner, won’t cost the city anything because the fire department would acquire it from the North Central Regional Counter-Terrorism Task Force, according to Smith.

The city would be reimbursed for any expenses if it leaves the city limits, according to Dymeck.

Five such trailers exist within a seven-county region, he said. The vehicle, if City Council approves the transfer, would be stationed at Reighard Avenue.

In other business, the committee gave a positive recommendation to a proposed resolution supporting the Lycoming County Heroin Task Force. The resolution indicates Mayor Gabriel J. Campana or a designee will attend the task force meetings.