District: Principal immediately apologizes after threatening 1st graders, kindergartners

The Williamsport Area School District confirmed a principal made an inappropriate comment to grade school students during the lunch period on Monday.

A grandparent contacted the Sun-Gazette about the incident and identified the school as the Jackson Primary School in the Newberry section of the city.

Williamsport Area School District Superintendent Dr. Don Adams confirmed the incident Friday, saying he had been notified and looked into it immediately.

According to the source, the assistant principal made the comment over the loudspeaker to students in the Kindergarten and 1st and 2nd grades in response to their being loud in the lunchroom. “If you do not get quiet, I will rip your face off,” he was quoted as saying

Adams said the staff member involved is filling a temporary opening until the district can hire a permanent principle.

“The individual realized he made a mistake as soon as he said it and addressed the matter immediately afterwards by apologizing to students and explaining that he did not mean what he said literally,” Adams said.

According to Adams, the assistant principal is used to dealing with much older students.

“We take these matters very seriously, and as soon as we are made aware of them we look into them to determine what action needs to take place,” Adams stated.

Adams said it was a minor incident involving a poor judgment call, which immediately was rectified.