Employment discrimination, sewage plant in week’s votes

From Staff Reports

Locally elected and appointed officials voted on the following matters in the past week:


The president signed into law the Green Mountain Lookout Heritage Protection Act, which prevents the U.S. Forest Service from removing existing buildings from the Glacier Peak Wilderness area in Washington state.


Gov. Tom Corbett approved SB33, an amendment to Title 23 (Domestic Relations) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes that provides for protection from employment discrimination.


Lycoming County commissioners voted 3-0 to abandon roughly $73,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding for the Beaver Lake Sewage Treatment Plant project, having moved the money to other projects and secured funds from other sources to continue improvements at the plant. Voting yes were Jeff Wheeland, Tony Mussare and Ernie Larson.

The Lycoming County Planning Commission voted 9-0 to approve the subdivision of a 4-acre lot in Muncy and 8-1 to approve the land to be developed for an office building by Ashler Inc. Voting yes were to the subdivision and development were Cindy Bower, Jim Dunn, Michael Sherman, Joseph Neyhart, Carl R. Nolan, Bill Parsons, Christopher Keiser, George Logue Jr. and Howard Fry. Kesier voted “no” on the land development.


South Williamsport Borough Council voted 4-3 to elect Albert Morrison III to a vacant second ward council seat. Voting yes were Councilmen Jeffrey Tompkins, J. Bernard Schelb, Richard Harris Jr. and Joseph Larue Jr. Robert Cronin, Ed Weinhoffer and Henry Frey Jr. voted “no.” Councilman Dan Cupp was absent.

City Council approved 7-0 a land development and subdivision request of LGN Management to build a 38-unit apartment building at 0 Chester St. near Grampian Boulevard. Voting in favor of the $3.5 million project were President Bill Hall, Bonnie Katz, Jonathan Williamson, Don Noviello, Randall J. Allison, Liz Miele and N. Clifford “Skip” Smith.

School District

The Jersey Shore Area School Board voted 8-0 to void the contract with Nestarick Appraisal and Consulting Inc., and hired the Professional Valuation Services Agreement with Girio Agency Inc., for the appraisal of Nippenose Valley Elementary School. Voting yes were Craig Allen, Robert Pryor, Karen Stover, Denise Smith, Heather Williamson, David Hines, Kelley Wasson and Loren Koch. Absent from the votes was Harry Miller.

The Montgomery Area School Board voted 9-0 to approve a request from the Pennsylvania State Police, Troop F, to use the District Facilities for training from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June 25. Voting yes were Adam Diggan, Jody Budman, Gary Yocum Sr., Gabriel Blasi, Augustine Spizzirri, Christopher Johnson, Todd Woodling, D. Todd Baker, and Grant S. Evangelisti.

The James V. Brown Library Board of Trustees voted 6-2 to approve Kumer Associates and Northcentral PA Estate Planners Council as new vendors. Voting yes were Harold Hershberger, Thomas Burkholder, Trisha Marty, John Confer Dr. Don Adams, Gloria Greevy and Melissa Welch. Absent from the vote were William Nichols and Dr. Gabriel J. Campana.