Hughesville council OKs 2 storm sewer projects

HUGHESVILLE – Borough Council approved two storm sewer projects on Academy Street. All the necessary pipe replacement and road work will be done to meet the safety requirements at that time. Each project will cost about $4,000.

The police department will hire another part-time patrolman to cover Officer Gary Bennet’s hours. Bennet now will work 10 to 15 hours instead of his regular 20 to 25 hours. The police department reported 83 incidents for the month of March.

The written part of the Civil Service Testing will be held April 26. Two applicants will take the test.

The state Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting concerning traffic congestion from 6 to 8 p.m. April 22 at the Hughesville High School cafeteria, 349 Cemetery St. PennDOT is looking at possible alternative routes to relieve traffic congestion in the area of routes 220 and 405.

Council received a preliminary estimate regarding renovation of the borough office. The rough estimate is around $10,000. A more accurate estimate will follow after council meets with the prospective construction company.

Council agreed to purchase materials need to fix the concession stand roof at Bodine Park. Members are looking to provide students with a school project or prisoners to provide the labor. Selected participants also will paint fences, dugouts, the concession stand and various other tasks as needed.

Council agreed to look into a possible handicap parking spot in front of a resident’s home on 55 S. Broad St. One of the residents living there is confined to a wheelchair and has no driveway to give her convenient access in and out of the car.

Solicitor Ben Landon, filling in for Ryan Tira, informed the resident that she will have to first make a written request to council. The police then will have to examine the area and make a recommendation. The board will take action at that time.

Resident Stephanie Robbins expressed her concerns concerning the trimming of her tree according to regulation.

“If we cut off what is needed to be cut off, it will eventually kill the tree,” according to Robbins. “I cannot see killing a tree for only 10 inches of growth.”

She went on to say, “If we have no other choice than to cut the tree, I would ask to please allow it to be done in the fall when the tree is dormant. It will have a better chance of surviving at that time.”

Council agreed to look into the main trunk trimming part of the ordinance and see if it interferes with the safety of traffic in the area. A final decision will be made at the next meeting.

Deadline for tree trimming debris pickup is May 12 to 16. After that, residents will be responsible for their own cleanup. Residents not in compliance with the ordinance will be issued a fine after those dates.