Love of nature keeps woman firmly rooted in Ralston

Barb Feigles won’t let a little thing like age keep her from her true love – nature.

Feigles, 74, owns a cabin in Ralston. After this winter, she contemplated selling it, but ultimately decided to stay.

“I’m so glad I didn’t, because there’s nothing like it in the world,” Feigles said.

She grew up in Ralston and has lived all over the country, but returned to the area because of her love for the natural scenery. At her home, she can walk to a waterfall and enjoy Red Run and Rock Run creeks. She shared that Backpacker Magazine named the area one of the best places to hike in Pennsylvania.

Currently, she’s experiencing a bit of a bear problem, with the animals visiting her property in search of food. As an avid photographer, she’s captured plenty of pictures of the visitors.

Feigles isn’t a big fan of the gas companies that have been drilling in the area. The gas companies have been trying to get rights to drill in Rock Run, she said, and lots of people are protesting fracking.

Last year at about this time, she stopped by a protest held at the Ralston Fire Co., but she hasn’t joined in a protest since then.

“A lot of my friends are activists,” Feigles said.

“I’m 74 years old, I don’t feel like getting into that, but I certainly support them.”