Trachte inaugurated as 15th president of Lycoming College

The Lycoming College campus was filled with “Lyco pride” Saturday afternoon during the inauguration its new president, Dr. Kent Trachte.

Faculty, staff, alumni, students, dignitaries and many more attended the ceremony in the campus recreation center.

The selection of Trachte was made by a 16-member search committee comprised of trustees, faculty, staff, students and alumni from of a nationwide pool of more than 80 applicants.

Four candidates were selected by the committee and recommended to the board of trustees. Trachte’s selection was announced on Nov 19, 2012, and he officially began his duties as president on July 1, 2013.

Since being named president, Trachte and his wife, Sharon, have moved to Williamsport and feel like they have been welcomed with open arms by the community.

“My wife and I are absolutely in love with Williamsport, we think it is a magnificent city filled with vibrancy,” Trachte said, “We have been welcomed by so many people, and in just nine months we feel like we have lived here a very long time.”

Before accepting the position, Trachte served as a dean at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster. He began there in 1988 as dean of freshmen, before also being named associate vice president in 1991.

While in that position, he collaborated with members of the faculty to create a first-year seminar program. As dean, he worked with students and administrative colleagues to build the college’s distinctive College House System to promote internationalization of the campus and deepen and extend the college’s commitment to civic engagement.

“I have the good fortune to be prepared for the presidency,” said Trachte, “as I’ve stepped into this job, it feels very comfortable to me, it feels like it is what I have been preparing for my entire life.”

The inauguration ceremony had many speakers to welcome Trachte to Lycoming College, including Williamsport Mayor gabriel J. Campana.

The president of Drexel University, John Fry, also spoke during the ceremony.

Fry worked alongside Trachte at Franklin and Marshall College and said at heart he is not only and educator, but an architectwho is quietly competitive and ambitious and will always have your back.

He also said Trachte regularly took on leadership roles that prepared him for the presidency at Lycoming College.

“He will push you and reward you, in ways which great leaders do,” said Fry.

Peter R. Lynn, chairman of the Lycoming College Board of Trustees, then presented Trachte with the medallion of office, which officially inaugurated the new president.

Trachte then addressed the crowd and expressed his passion for liberal arts colleges, how great Lycoming College already is and the potential it has to grow.

He explained that this summer the college will begin renovating residential buildings, including Crever and Wesley halls.

He also announced plans to create an Enhancement Education Center and an Institution of Energy Studies to expand the learning experiences students can receive.

Trachate said he hopes the legacy he leaves at Lycoming College will include inspiring the community.

“The day has been in many ways almost emotionally overwhelming and full of excitement for me,” Trachte said.