Accused killer held for court

WELLSBORO – Debra Lockett, 57, of 1489 Nauvoo Road, Morris, accused in the shooting death of Oliver Litzelman last September, was held for arraignment in Tioga County Court by District Judge Rob Repard on multiple charges following testimony by victim Edwina Litzelman at a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Lockett’s county court arraignment was set for 8:30 a.m. June 2, where she faces charges of criminal homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, illegal possession of a firearm, possession of an instrument of crime, simple assault, theft, receiving stolen property and criminal mischief.

Edwina Litzelman, now 82, was 81 on the day her husband was shot to death and she was stabbed and left bleeding on the floor in their home at 7832 Route 414, Liberty Township last Sept. 13.

She and state police criminal investigator Todd Wagaman were the only two witnesses called to testify in the hearing to determine if the case should be held for court or dismissed.

Litzelman, who still walks with a limp, testified that after she and her husband had been up for awhile that Friday, she had looked out her window and noticed someone backing her car into her driveway, “which was kind of unusual,” she said, “because most everyone always pulls in,” she added later.

“I didn’t recognize her. She was dressed kind of different,” Litzelman said, adding later that Lockett was wearing an old gray sweat suit, with floppy old shoes that didn’t fit her very well, and she carried a big cloth pocketbook.”

Litzelman said the woman, who she described as “skinny then, with dark shoulder length hair,” claimed to be a Litzelman descendant doing genealogical research, “and I guess she tricked me, because I let her in.”

“She carried on a big conversation about how nice the house was, and she wanted Ollie to come in,” she said, referring to her husband, who was outside near the couple’s pond, weeding it.

After Oliver Litzelman came into the house, the conversation continued, when all of a sudden, she said ‘I’m tired of this,’ and she pulled a gun out, like to have scared me to death,” Litzelman said.

“Ollie started towards me and she shot him right there, I guess he didn’t think she was gonna shoot, and he went right down, I knew he was dead,” she said. “She said she was going to take care of me next,” she added.

Litzelman said Lockett then came over to “terrorize” her.

“She had shot me first but it just grazed me I guess,” she said, indicating the temple area of her forehead.

“Then she got something and she stabbed me with it in the head,” she said, adding the thing looked like a “farm implement of some sort, not a knife.”

“Blood ran out like a spigot,” she said, and she fell to the floor. “I didn’t think I had much blood left,” she added.

Lockett allegedly tried to cut off one of her fingers, too, with which she still has problems.

“I had three broken ribs, and she made a big spot on my right leg,” she said

“She wanted money, all she was interested in was money,” she added.

Litzleman said “after she got done torturing me, she pulled the phone cords out and left, saying ‘I’m not going to kill you, honey,’ and she was gone.”

Litzelman said she gave her the checkbook, to show her that was where their money was; they didn’t have any cash.

That and Oliver Litzelman’s wallet have never been found, but DNA later tested from the back pocket of his jeans, which had been ripped off his pants, showed a likely match with Lockett’s, according to Wagaman.

Litzelman and her husband were not discovered until Sunday morning when their daughter stopped by to check on them, and she hasn’t been in the house since.

“I have a place of my own now,” she said.

Wagaman testified that the gun, a .32 caliber Smith and Wesson double action revolver, was found at the Lockett residence in Morris in a bedroom closet, and a forensics evaluation at the state police lab in Wyoming found that the two spent bullets found at the scene likely were shot from the weapon.

Lockett remains in Tioga County Prison without bail.